The right amount of Pivot


If you run a company that has n’t made it big yet, I am sure you are wondering if you should change your business plan.  If yes, there must be a ton of questions you ask yourself when you wake up and pretty much for the rest of your day.  How much to change?  What happened to the vision with which you had started?  Is focusing on something else necessarily a good thing?  Does n’t changing business plans signify uncertainty and hence, doesn’t it spoil your branding/reputation?

I have been in this race to nowhere for quite a while now.  I realize now that there is no right or wrong to anything in a business plan.  You just keep travelling.  All you need to be sure of is the final destination.  When you are lost, you ask a bunch of people for feedback and some of them point you towards the direction you want to take and some don’t.  But, the important truth is the road is full of feedback.  If you don’t ask, you won’t ever find out.  In the last few months, I have been meeting a bunch of business experts, analysts and venture capitalists to explain about my business and every single meeting or a telephonic call has helped me figure out narrow down on my execution plan.  And I know it’s got to keep improving with time and turn out great.

Hence:  When it comes to pivoting business plans frequently, it’s expected and fine to make minor tweaks in the process as long as the final goal remains the same.  Just got to keep my ears and eyes open for feedback from investors, VCs, mentors, seniors, customers, industry experts, your team and friends.