San Francisco | NAR | ACDC | Agentdesks | Man united | Healthy living

The last couple of months have been good both personally and at work.  As a product, Agentdesks has progressed the maximum in the last 2 months. As a business, we understand our clients a bit more than before.  We understand what they are using our application for, we understand what they need and most importantly, we understand what excites them.  We revamped our Android product completely and we are en route to doing the same with our iOS application.  Our engineering team is kicking ass, everyone’s up to speed and we have great leadership.


We attended a big real estate NAR conference in San Diego.  We had a small booth, giving away our application to real estate agents.  More than what we gave, we got a lot of positive feedback on what we are trying to do.  There were a lot of funny competitors walking by our booth to find out what we were onto.

IMG_2752AC DC had a concert here in SF.  Thunderstruck, I was.  Easily, the best concert I have ever attended.  All my childhood, whenever I listen to ACDC, I tell myself “I wish I attended their concert”.  It was perfect.  Then in a couple of weeks, Sir Alex Ferguson launched his book in SF.  I had the privilege to attend the book launch and get a signed copy.  Two of the greatest events of my life, happened in the same month.


My second love, Manchester United is doing well theoretically.  Everyone’s complaining about their boring style of play but I believe in Louis Van Gaal.  If he can turn around Ajax, Bayern Munich, Barcelona and the Holland national team, I believe him when he says it’s a process.  Obviously, he is no Sir Alex who could get Aberdeen to beat Real Madrid.  But, if we beat Leicester, we are on top of the table.  That’s not too bad.  There are no superstars in United, which is great.  The entire team is doing an equally good job.  No leading goal scorers but goals seem to be coming from everywhere.  That’s how an outfit should work.

Going back to Agentdesks, some of the key learnings for me in the last couple of months are

  1. While building product, it’s better to make a long term play rather than a quick win.  Build for the future.
  2. Client who find you are more likely to give you valuable inputs to build the product further than the ones you reach out to.
  3. Until you see a big spike in usage, there is no point in going after Top of the funnel growth.

My goal in the next few months is to take care of personal health by doing the following regularly.

  • Biking or jogging or going to the gym everyday in the morning
  • Have a healthy breakfast
  • Sleep by 11 PM and for 6+ hours, at least.
  • Take a break from work on Saturday and do something that makes me meet new people.