A year of belief to a year for fulfillment

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In the beginning of this year, all I had was belief.  A belief that my business plan would be a company.  A belief that I can convince investors to write us our first check.  A belief that I can build a good team.  A belief that we can make a good product for real estate professionals.  Getting into Angelpad accelerator program was my highlight of 2014.  I had to uproot myself from India and move to New York in under 3 days.  A big thanks to my family, who did not see that coming, still raised no concerns.  In hindsight, it was the right call.  Changed my life.

This year started with me incorporating Agentdesks and preparing for the “Demo day” of Angelpad, followed by a bunch of meetings with investors. As expected, many highs and lows for 4 months.  Things started looking up in May.  We lined up our investors in June and closed the round in July. And the journey of Agentdesks started immediately.

I knew my first task at hand was to set up good leadership and a good team.  Agentdesks is not my first company and there’s one thing I learnt from my previous startup.  You cant do it all alone.  You need people who are better than you to get a startup going.  Enter Sanya Gurnani (COO) and Vijay Bharath (CTO).  Both have better experience than I do in their respective fields.  I already had 3 engineers prior to raising money. Mithran, Raghu and Devi had been with me since my previous company, Metroplots.  And, we now have a stellar team of ambitious and hard working colleagues.

Over the next 4 months, we put in a lot of effort in hiring the best people for Agentdesks.  Apart from skills, we mainly looked for attitude and how hard working they are.  Product wise, we only had 10% of the product we are supposed to build.  By the end of October, we had a solid team of engineers, designers and a customer success manager.

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We built 3 Agentdesks apps, one for each web, droid and iPhone.  Today, we have 40% of our product on each of these platforms.  The product is now highly engaging with our active users and we know what we should do to improve it further.  We believe, we are doing the right thing by focusing more on increasing engagement amongst our active users instead of reaching out to more users right from the beginning.  Fortunately, our investors and board think the same way as we do.  We have been getting mixed advices from different experts on what we should be focusing on but our priority is to make a product we love and our users love.  When we get there, we will start pushing the growth pedal.   

We have learnt multiple things along this short journey so far.  Some from making mistakes and some by awesome people who have made these mistakes before.  2016 is the year for us to put all these perspectives to work and execute our plan with our perfect team.  Our goal for 2016 is to make lives of a number of real estate agents simple and make them independent by building the perfect product for them- a new age mobile real estate CRM.

Wish you all a Happy and life changing 2016!