How to make the next whatsapp


First, you need to go to Ukraine.  Then work for Yahoo for a bit and apply for jobs in twitter and hope your application gets rejected.

Kiddin.. NO!  Sorry to break the suspense to you but you can’t make the next whatsapp and you should n’t be thinking in those lines.  I am afraid even the whatsapp founders cannot make the next whatsapp.  This kind of thing just happens.   So, if you are all motivated by the whatsapp acquisition and decided to go all out on making the next whatsapp, I think you should think twice about it.  A dream of an acquisition like this could actually be a deterrent to your growth.

But what you could do is forget about the acquisition, the $19 billion and think about what made whatsapp a success.  It’s plain simple.  Engagement.  Every user of whatsapp was hooked on.  Now think of how you can increase activity in your website/mobile application  or whatever it is that you are building.  Make a list of engagement metrics that you need to track and keep building on it.  Notice how users are using it and see what works and what doesn’t.  In time, you might not create a $19billion company, but you definitely build a business that lasts long.  And that’s what your goal should be.  Build your business!

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