Radius, a Real Estate Agent Community First, Brokerage Second

Real estate agents are the largest and the most influential sales force in the world. Rightfully, so. They help families find their home, a decision that influences many people’s lives. Despite helping others find their homes, real estate agents are ironically always looking for a home when it comes to their careers. Agents are always seeking a brokerage that supports them better than their current one.

A dream brokerage would help them with everything they need to be successful:

  • A strong family of agents to rely on
  • Branding support that makes them stand out in their neighborhoods
  • Design and marketing support to be on point with their marketing and assets.Technology that makes their lives easier
  • Leads and referrals that convert
  • A concierge team that helps with lead management and database cleanup
  • Listing management support that makes it easy to manage multiple listings
  • Transaction coordination support so that they never have to deal with paperwork
  • Training as needed for all the new tech, best practices, inspirational events, coaching, etc

Why Radius Agent Realty? 


We are a real estate agent community first, brokerage second. We have the largest community of agents (75,000), from different brokerage firms from across the country, helping each other out with referrals, advice, and market insights. Build your network on Radius Community: a space to help you connect, share insights, and send or receive leads. Community is key to growing your real estate brand.

Agent Branding Before Brokerage Branding

People don’t just hire a brokerage; they hire the agent. Your brand should be as memorable as you. We guide you through the development of your brand personality, logo, and marketing materials to complement your realtor personality and expertise. 

We will work with you to build or revamp your logo, decide on which hashtags to use, develop a recognizable brand identity, create a social media strategy for consistency across platforms, design yard signs, and more. From personality and font recognition to logo selection, we’ll be there to guide you every step of the way. We help build your personal brand and push your identity before our own.

Help with Design and Marketing

Effective marketing starts with a multi-touch approach to keep you top of mind to future and past clients. We have everything you need to get you in front of the right audience. You don’t have to ever hire a designer or a marketing company ever again. We will help you design brochures, newsletters, postcards, social media posts, and more. High-quality content is fundamental in real estate and we have streamlined the process for you. We make sure you’re visible and provide digital and print solutions that grow and reinforce your value to your clients.

Top of the Line Tech

We use cutting-edge technology to provide you with lead generation services, CRM (customer relationship management systems), transaction management, and beyond. We curate the best-in-class technology and train you on the tools you’ll need to be successful. Get discounted rates on local vendors and have our team workout the tedious details. 

Tech resources include a referral marketplace, Radius Agent, KV Kore CRM, Highnote, Skyslope, BrokerSumo, Zipform, Disclosures, Canva, Google G-Suite and Slack. We listen and we’re always here to help. 

Radius Academy

In the Radius Academy, our agents get access to events, webinars, courses on new tech, best practices, branding and marketing, leadership, and more by industry leaders, coaches, tech experts. We train our agents and keep them up to date on things that are happening in the real estate world. All of our training courses and live events are virtual, so you can attend from home and easily get up to speed.

Leads, Leads, and More Leads

Our community offers referrals from the network, as well as partnerships with Zillow and Realtor.com and more, and even leads from Facebook and Google ads.

All leads are qualified through our Radius Assist. Allow our team to save you time. We’ll call, text, and email your leads and set warm appointments You have your lead pipelines, let us add another to ensure you’re kept busy. 

Radius Assist

Radius Assist is a concierge team that always has your back for calling and texting your leads so that you don’t have to waste your time on dead leads.

Transaction Coordination

You’ll never have to worry about transaction coordination again with our services. 

We have Transaction Coordinators who are the best in the business and who will go that extra mile to help you with coordinating paperwork with your clients, vendors, and agents. With our experienced Transaction Coordinators (in Colorado and California) nothing will fall through the cracks and you won’t get bogged down by the administrative parts of the real estate transaction.

Your Transaction Coordinator will help with every step of the process from contract to closing, including:

  • Opening escrow
  • Coordinating inspections, repair negotiations, and completion of repairs
  • Communicating updates to clients, agents, lenders, and other people involved in the transaction
  • Monitoring the contingency period
  • Ensuring that all documentation is submitted
  • Coordinating the closing process
  • Scheduling client follow-up calls (after close) to check-in and ask for referrals.

Our Transaction Coordinators are always ready to help. They are organized and their processes are streamlined on skyslope. All files are audited by our Compliance Manager, for peace of mind.

100% Commissions

We are a flat fee full-service premium brokerage with a monthly subscription. If you are serious about this profession you can either start a team, join a team or be independent with Radius Agent Realty. We will support you and help you be even more successful than you are today.


Radius Agent Realty is a full-service brokerage that prioritizes agents’ needs and profitability. We provide the tools, training, and support you need to be successful.

Join our community to check us out for free. Start using some of our tools. When you want to, you can join our brokerage as well!

How Uber is helping startup founders and they don’t even know about it

that $15 is worth it
that $15 is worth it

I just moved to San Francisco and obviously I am dependent on buses, trains and Uber for the last mile.  Almost every uber driver I have met so far has had a deep understanding of the technology scene in San Francisco.  One of them even told me that they have read about Agentdesks somewhere and was gracious enough to recommend features that we might implement.

Here are some amazing ways in which they help Founders

1)  Recruiting

One driver in the city (his name was Alex) said he meets at least 10 software engineers every day.  When they are going to office in the morning, out for lunch, getting to late night parties.  He just rambled on names of tech giants and how each of these engineers hated working there and are looking for new jobs.  So, I asked him recommend Agentdesks to the next iOS developer who comes in and gave my card.  He said, he will do it.  What if all the drivers were recruiting officers for startups.  Think about it!

2)  Client acquisition

Another driver in San Mateo, has a lot of real estate agent friends.  He took 10 of my business cards so that he can pass it on to his friends.  Perfect, right?  Context – I run Agentdesks.  Agentdesks is a sales application for real estate agents.

3)  Ideas

When you discuss with San Francisco drivers, it’s usually productive.  Some great ideas came out of a conversation I had with a driver this week.  He said, I should think about providing our agents with insurance plans and make that part of their lives easy.  That will create loyalty as well.  And many more ideas!

4)  Fund raising

You pick an uber driver in Menlo park.  Rest assured, he has dropped 2 other founders in the same day at different VCs.  You can expect questions like “what’s your cap?” / “what are your biggest costs?”  /  “who is your target audience” from your driver.  Great practice!  Also, they recommend more VCs that you can meet.

5)   Uber pool

When you are in the city, always Uber pool.  9/10 you will meet another software engineer.  He/She could be your next engineer.

So, do it.  Uber everywhere.  Don’t buy a car.

Rowing towards that “MVP” island

MVP3So, this is what I have realized in the last couple of months.  I don’t know if it’s true for everyone who have started SaaS products or is it just me.

1)  Customers want something else:  Whenever you think of starting a SaaS Product, your natural tendency is to come up with a list of features which you think is right for your customers and for the product.  Certain features excite you so much that it automatically becomes highest on your priority list.  If you wait to develop all these features to launch your product, you are probably wasting twice the amount of time because your customers probably think otherwise.  They want something else.

Lesson:  It’s best to pick one main feature and launch the product with that one main feature.  Give away a bunch of free trials.  Get feedback.  Sometimes, your customers will be nice about it and most of the times, not so much.  But, listen and note complaints.  If your goal is to come up with a Minimum Viable Product, it’s a long way to that island.

2)  Customers wont pay for your experiments:  When we launched, we launched with a pricing structure.  Looking back, this is the most crazy decision we have made.  Who is going to pay us when they know this product is not fully done.  Luckily, we realized this almost immediately and kept a free trial and extended it whenever necessary.

Lesson:  Don’t come up with pricing even before you know what your customers need.  Pricing is a gradual process.

3)  Design is key but not the way you think:  We learnt this lesson from our previous venture.  We spent lots on exceptional design.  We soon realized that customers, like yourself, get bored very soon.  The more they see in design, more things they can get bored of soon.  Customers will only see what they want to see, how much ever you try to push all your capabilities on them.

Lesson: we believe that design should be simple with less components in each page.  There should only 2-3 main call to action options for every user in every page.

4)  Bless them initial adopters:  There will be a few customers who take extra efforts in letting you know what they really think of the product.  These people are God sent.  Their feedback and suggestions are extremely important and it’s also equally important for you to give them special attention.

Lesson:  Look for these customers.  Make sure you keep them in a separate database.  Talk to them whenever you launch a new feature.  They are as important as your team.  MVP1

5)  Team, Team, Team:  Success of any product boils down to your team.  Initial success boils down to 4 departments: Developers, Support, Testers, BD.  These 4 need to work together and keep each other updated at all times.

Lesson: I realize that this is one of my most important roles in the organization.  Keep everyone updated on the proceedings.

If there are any successful SaaS product leaders reading this post, I would love your thoughts and if you have learnt anything more in your longer journey towards success.